Lotti Dotties!

Looking for something new and unique? This is it! Lotti Dotties allow you to change the look of your jewellery whenever you want! Wearing green today? Simply switch your “dottie” to green. No matter the clothes you decide on in the morning there is a dottie to match! This makes accessorizing very simple. One ring or necklace can look different everyday with a different dottie. It’s unique, stylish and it’s practical!

6 thoughts on “Lotti Dotties!

  1. Looking for Lotti Dotties. If you have a Catalog-Can you send one please? Can’t find much on your Website..My name-Connie Siler address-15081 Hwy p-Gravois mills,Mo 65037

  2. Hi Connie! We don’t have a catalogue, but i can send you pictures of what we have in our Lotti Dotties collection if you would like. They are just being added to our website and will be there under “new items” shortly! Thanks for writing!

  3. Hi Cindy, your lotti dotties on your website don’t show the true splender on the stones. Is there anyway you can fixed that, so that it can be seening there true beauty.

    Thanks Rosa

    • Hi Rosa! You’re right, the Lotti Dotties have a real beautiful sparkle to them that hasn’t been captured in these photos. They look so beautiful in person (and look even great on!). I will be posting better pictures soon, thanks for your comment!

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